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Welcome to Global Updates Media Nigeria

Welcome to Global Updates Media. This is your first time here and we celebrate you!

You can check out our services and what we have to offer.

Our Services

Promo Services: We offer different sorts of promotional services and ads for your business, career, music and many others! We offer the following promotion: Audiomack music promotion, instagram promotion,google ads, facebook ads and even local ads for small businesses.

SEO Services: We give your site a very rich SEO result and optimize your site to be visible on search engines with state of the art expertise. SEO services vary depending on the niche of website.

Web Design Training: We also give website design trainings of different levels of how to design a website using different CMS and platforms.

Training is held online via Whatsapp, Skype and Zoom.


FEE: N5000 ONLY.



Web Design Service: We also have a team of website design experts to help you design and maintain a state of the art created website. Don’t look for annoyingly high prices and look here! Our design is also combined with hosting.

Website Management Service: We manage websites and optimize them to up to date configurations increase upload space and also update it with state of the art algorithms.

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