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How to earn as a marketer or affiliate with us

Marketer or affiliate|

You can also earn while you shop in this online store by just completing simple tasks.

We have only the affiliate or marketer’s plan for those who wish to earn as they shop here and also invite more shoppers.

You can see the features of both levels and how you earn and tasks to accomplish.

Become An Affiliate

When you register to become an affiliate with us you are aimed with the responsibility of bringing more people to shop and you earn from services purchased. An affiliate is a shopper who was invited to join the team by a marketer or had bought the level so as to earn while shopping.

Note that if you were not referred by a marketer to become an affiliate and pay directly commission is reserved by the company and released to new user when user completes a task.

Affiliates Tasks and allocated percentage for tasks

  • Inviting a shopper to buy our products/services (5% commission reward depending on price of product or service bought)
  • Refer shoppers to become affiliates or Marketers (20% discount on goods and services for you plus two free coupon codes for you to sell to customers for discount!, 10% commission reward for referral)

Marketer’s Tasks and allocated percentage for tasks

  • Inviting a shopper to buy our products and services (10% commission reward depending on price of product or service bought/purchased).
  • Refer shoppers to become an affiliate or marketer (45% discount on goods and services for you in addition 10 free coupon codes which you can sell to new shoppers for discount on goods, 12% commission for referrals.

As any of these two you can earn passive income.

Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes are used to give special discounts on products and services, these codes are handled by the Sales Team and is sold to marketers or affiliates to give discount to new shoppers on the site.

Codes can be bought in bulk and sent to email of marketer or afilliate for distribution.

Contact Numbers of affiliate or marketer’s would be visible for interested customers to place a call and ask for a coupon code.

Coupon Codes prices depend on the discount it offers the customer if bought and used.

Prices may vary as the marketer’s and affiliates are given absolute rights to sell each coupon code at his or her own fixed price.

Note: Transactions for codes between affiliate/marketers and shoppers should be done outside the site by placing a phone call to coupon code holder.

If having issues having made payment to any marketer or affiliate without receiving codes send a chat to online support with complete evidence of payment with invoices and receipts and name of marketer/affiliate including contact numbers. But coupon codes would be released and offenders shall be prosecuted.

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