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Terms And Conditions

Before proceeding to make payments of our products and services it is advisable you read the terms and conditions guiding our company and how these terms and conditions make your shopping expereince amazing! See our terms and conditions below

Payment Processing

We just launched our company to serve also international customers, but as we entered a pandemic some international payment methods were stalled, but in the light of this new payment gateways and methods were created, If making payments electronically using USD the cards accepted are

  1. AMEX
  2. Discover
  3. Mastercard
  4. Verve
  5. VIsa

For other currencies chat with the online support team and a link would be provided for you to get the same product as seen on the site.

International payments could take five working days to clear in our account so services may be delayed but would be compensated with quicker delivery.

Local Payments would take not less than 24 hrs to clear in our account and services would be rendered accurately.

When making international payments it is recommended you use the Rave flutterwave method.

Packages are not added to cart as they are subscription packages which is given t customers via the company and its team. When trying to buy a package in USD click the package and you would see “Buy Package in USD” click on it and get your package instantly!

As we continue to develop more payment methods would be open to you.



We give refunds only for Google or Facebook ads if requirements are not met and based on the policy of the company concerning the refunding of funds.

Refunds are not applicable to domains, hosting and web design services.

Most products are billed annually therefore you can chose when to end te billing. Having problems cancelling subscription? Chat the online support or rather send us an email

For international customers refunds are made to you in seven business working days to payment method used in buying our products which apply to our refundable products or services.

For our non-refundable products and services make sure you’ve gone through them before purchasing them.

Web Design + Hosting Vs Domain & Hosting

Our company offers two different features which also come combined! We can get you a domain design your website and rank it on search engines for an affordable price but on the other hand you pay for domains of hosting.

Prices attached to domains are billed yearly, while prices attached to hosting is billed monthly.

So we leave you with the choice to choose the one which fits your budget and we would be happy to serve you.

Web Domain and hosting means customers get their personal cpanel accounts but on the other hand how accounts would be given is stated in the product’s desciprion.

                                    TERMS OF SERVICE

When offering services for website design some certain details may be required of customer so as to use in the website building process. how the data would be collected, stored and used can be seen in our privacy policy.

Services like web design training would be held online via Skype, Telegram, Whatsapp and also Zoom meetings with instructors to put you through your course all through the semester.

Our Audiomack promotion is non refundable and is charged per song you want to promote. If promoting an album or an EP please provide valid link so as not to cause disappointments for we would not be held responsible for such mistakes.

We shall also not be held responsible if domain bought here and hosted here involves in fraudulent practices as such domains would be reported and taken down by ICAN.

Important Notice: Because of heavy workload on our database services may be rendered my third party sources we work with locally and internationally.

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